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Welcome to the World of El Somni Quas!

El Somni Quas is a new indie fantasy MMO, currently in the state of developement, with ambition of recreating hardcore experience of the past and combine it with modern graphics and user interface.  Based on successful free to play shard Endor, we are taking advantage of it’s time proven ruleset and vibrant ecomomy that has been stable for over ten years.00000

“I like the ruleset here a lot, its by far the best ruleset I’ve played on any shard”


  • No inflation of values and achievements. Do you hate, when you invest hundreds of hours to gain something and new data disc gives that almost for free? Do you hate, when great artefacts of past are nothing in compare to new additions? Well, this will never happen in ESQ. Content will indeed grow during time, but only in amount and diversity, not in power.
  • Gameplay based on your skill. Especially PvP. You need to learn how to dodge, target, think about which spell will you use when. You will still level your character up, but influence of character level will be not that big as it is common nowdays. You will be not invulnerable for characters several levels lower.
  • Old school PvE. No linear dungeons, but mazes full of secret levers and traps. Difficulty scaled more with AI than hit points of NPCs. You can indeed harm your party with misfired spells.
  • Ballanced PvP/PvE/crafting systems. We know, that one cannot work without the other in the long term.
  • Full loot. If you die, you can loose whatever you have on your body. Don’t feed the PKs, don’t go in mithril, where iron will do. And yes, PKs, except city guard zone there is no protection. Are you scared? You should be.
  • Full blown crafting.  Vendors will get you but the most basic tools. Main source of equip is crafting.
  • Housing. Private or guild. Build it, maintain it, improve it, love it (and store all your gold in there).
  • First Person ranged combat, 3rd person meelee and peace mode.  You can sneak up on people, if they are not careful enough.
  • Definitely not epic. No insanely huge swords and shoes, no disco like lightning effects, no purple mounts, but decent realistic look (as fantasy MMO can have).

We are from Prague, Czech Republic. Our game has been in the making for about 6 years and a lot of things is done. Core game systems are done. Unlike other indie projects, Graphic is  developed not in Unity3d, but in professional Unigine engine (famous for its Valley benchmark).

We are always on the lookout for good people to join us.  If you are patient, dedicated and independent, then you might be the right fit.

If you are interested, send an email to info at esqgame.com.

Various skills we could use

  • map building; no previous skills necessary, but some artistic flair is useful
  • scripter – client side; Unigine scripting language; Work with gui, influence final look of the game
  • 2d artist; GUI, web, textures; Help us make the gui look its best
  • 3d artist/animator; 3DS MAX, Maya, Blender. One can never have enough.
  • developer – c++;  work on the client and server side, see entire world rise out of zeroes and ones.
  • developer – PHP; Web, server administration tools.

We can’t offer much in return, except endless nights of toil, new things learned and sense of greatness in the making.