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Classes dependencies:

You can choose one of the 14 final classes. Some of the classes can be chosen directly, some require a pre-class. The relationships between the classes shows the classes tree above.

The chosen class strongly determines your character. It affects your stats, skills and it adds you abilities.

After you get in the world of Endor, you become automatically a Wanderer. If you want to join another class, you need to have at least the 1st level. You raise your level by gaining experience points (exps) – by killing various wild animals and monsters and by completing quests. Other possibilities to gain exps are finding special items, mostly at the ends of the dungeons, which add exps when you use them (experience stones), and PK vs. blue PvP.

When you have enough experience for another level, you have to visit your Classmaster and buy the level from him. The only exception is the 1st level, which is free. You will find out exactly how to buy a level and join a class when you say help to the Classmaster.