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First log in

The name of a character must start with a capital letter, followed by small letters. This applies to every word in the character’s name. Using numbers, non-alphabetical chars and chars with interpunction is not allowed. When you are thinking out your character’s name, keep in mind that Endor is a fantasy-like world and so not all names are suitable.

Three days after registering your account, you will be requested to generate your PUK. PUK is a code that cannot be changed and enables you to always log in to your account, no matter what your normal password is. Save your PUK carefully, it will be shown to you just once. PUK reduces the account selling, their stealing and it can help you, when you forget you normal password. Your password can be changed in-game by using the command .passwd.

A little advice for the beginning

We have prepared for you a large in-game help system, where you can find a lot of answers to your questions. You open the system with the command .help or by clicking the help button on your paperdoll. You can find here for example the list of text commands, classes, skills, abilities overview, rules and other.

You start in a dark room (Star room) as a ghost. You choose your race here, by clicking on one of the race statues. You can change your race, while you are staying in the Star Room. The choice of your class comes later. After you go through the moongate, you will be teleported randomly to one of the bigger towns. The race cannot be changed afterwards and you will gain automatically the basic class of Wanderer.

You can display basic information on your character with the command .info. Here, among others, you can see your actual level, experience points and how much experience do you need to have to reach the next level. You gain experience by killing NPCs or completing quests. When you have enough exps for a new level, you can visit your Classmaster and buy the level. The in-game help system will inform you, where you can find your Classmaster. The Classmaster of Wanderers can be found in the close surrounding of every bigger town. When you want to buy a level, just come to the Classmaster and say level. The first level is free, all the others must be paid.

Some other pieces of advice:

  • Read the in-game help system first!
  • Never give to anybody your password or even PUK, not even to a GM (especially not the PUK, as by giving it you lose the control of your account forever)! A real GM will never ask you for your password or PUK under any cicrumstances. Use a password, which is not easy to guess. The GM Team doesn’t deal with the account stealing or with forgotten passwords. We recommend to avoid playing in internet cafes or public game houses.
  • When you kill a player without the flag “criminal”, you gain 1 kill. After you have 5 kills, you become a PK (not recommended for new players).
  • Don’t attack players, who don’t have the flag criminal, you will become an aggresor and the attacked player can kill you or call the guards on you and take your things. The exception is, when the player has the flag aggresor AND he gained it by attacking YOU. In this case, you can defend yourself and call the guards to help you.
  • Be careful of your stuff, you can lose it very easily. Don’t carry more than you need, especially when you go adventuring, and put valuable stuff to your bank (there is a bank in every town, you can open your bankbox by saying bank). Also, don’t go afk in towns, when wearing expensive equip – when your character is attacked, no one but yourself can defend you.