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The choice of one of the 5 races takes place right after the character setup before entering the world, in the place called Star room. Here you can find 5 statues, which enable you to choose your race. While you are staying in Star room, you can change your race. Leaving the room through the gate to the world confirms your choice.

The chosen race affects character’s stats and its look.


By far, the strongest and sturdiest from all the races. Orcs are neither very agile or intelligent, they have a reputation of cruel primitives, but they are also undeniably brave and loyal to their clan. Orcs are great warriors and they generally avoid intellectual subjects, because they consider them to be for the weaklings.


Humans are a varied race. They can become many classes, but can excel only in few of them. They are quite a strong race, though they cannot equate to the orc race. We can find many brave and dedicated human warriors, who often choose the path of a paladin. On the other hand, we can find among humans also a lot of feared assassins and professional thieves. Many humans find their way to the nature and they become druids and sometimes rangers, some other choose a spiritual way and go to live in a monastery, to become a priest.

Humans are an universal race, but concerning their agility and intelligence, they are just average. They rarely choose a pure magical class.

They are more inventive than any other race, manually skilful and they like attend to business a lot. Human craftsmen have among others the best reputation.


A very wide-spread race, which competes in the last years with humans for the mark “universal”. In the beggining, the elves took interest mainly in magic and taking care of the woods, but they slowly have started to get in various classes and they have managed to be very successful in them.

Elves aren’t as strong and tough as for example humans, but they compensate this with their famed agility quite well. Additionally, they are usually very intelligent and they have a talent for magic, so they have quite wide range of possibilities.

The traditional elven class is ranger. Among elves there are also many great mages, druids, priests and even heretics and rogues. On the contrary, true elven warriors are rarely to be seen – when an elf longs for such a way, he mostly chooses to be a druid. There are practically no elven necromancers, because elves feel aversion to such kind of magic.


The children of humans and elves combine and average their parent’s characteristics. Generally, half-elves are good at the same classes, at which are good both elves and humans. Thanks to elven blood they aren’t as good warriors as humans and because of the human legacy, they don’t excel in higher magic like elves – half-elf mages practically don’t exist.


Drows are a very proud and reserved race. They appreciate the intellectual skills and knowledge most and in their desire for knowing, they are free to cross every boundary. It is a race of mainly mages and necromancers, but many drows are also among heretics and priests. Drows are by far the most intelligent race. They are usually slighter and physically weaker, but quite agile.