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General rules

  • The highest authority on the server is the GM (Game Master). His decisions are beyond dispute, even if they are in conflict with other rules.
  • It is forbidden to misuse bugs or wrong settings. The player is obliged to report these mistakes through page or directly the the GMs on ICQ.
  • Regarding the fact that this shard is based on an experience system, every attempt to outsmart it (various exp. exchanges between characters) will be heavily punished.
  • The player is bound to keep the basics of proper behaviour and talk.
  • Neutral characters cannot interfere in the PvP league fights in any way.
  • The Guildmasters take partial responsibility for their guild’s members behaviour and they can be punished for their deeds. This rule refers mainly to PvP.
  • Endor doesn’t support trade in the accounts and property or other plotting with them. Therefore all advertising of this kind, including links containning it, is forbidden on our web (board, forum, ..) or even in game.
  • It is forbidden to alter the client or to use external programs to modificate its standard functions. The player is responsible for all technical features, giving him unfair advantage – whether it’s intentional or not.
  • It is forbidden to block with various items NPCs’ or players’ movement or line of sight (including the blocking of house entrances).
  • It is forbidden to use more than 1 character in PvM – particularly to kill NPCs and to have more characters in a dungeon.

PvP rules

  • Blue player loots league player = interfering in PvP league
  • Master-Veteran player loots Master = OK
  • Master loots Master-Veteran = OK
  • Blue player loots league player-criminal = OK
  • You can loot league player-aggresor only if you have killed him. This is checked by system, so if you become a criminal or you are in party with him, you break the rules.
  • PK loots and kills players anywhere, anytime.
  • PK fights league player during league fight: league players stop the fight, if not -> the league player is helping PK.
  • PK is more than the league, which means, that when a league player fights with a PK against another league player, he is helping the PK. Simply: if you see a PK and a league player somewhere near around you, you may fight only with the PK. Any disputable case ends always with the punishing of the league player.
  • The rules about interfering with league don’t apply in dungeon zones. The rules about PKs applies everywhere.